FOURSEE - Design Unit

FOURSEE - a design division of Athear Marketing Services for BPO - creates exploratively crafted, clear, and connecting visual narratives. We are a young and experimental group of dreamers, who are ready to play. As part of the leading outsourcing company, We’re bridging the gap between studio, agency, and aftersales. FOURSEE develops meaningful brands for everything from branding to content, direction, and management. Athear handles all business processes afterwards. Together, we provide a full creative solution that develops a cohesive narrative, all for a true creative process. We’re one voice, telling your entire brand story.


FOURSEE operates across three primary units: Unit of Concept, Unit of Creativity, and Unit of Application. In the Unit of Concept, we specialize in Art Direction, Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, and Content Strategy to lay the foundation for compelling visual narratives.

The Unit of Creativity at FOURSEE encompasses a wide range of services, including Branding, Packaging Design, Book & Print Design, Photography, Videography, Content Creation, and Illustration. These services form the core of our creative expression.

The Unit of Application at FOURSEE brings creative concepts to life in practical terms. We offer services such as Social Media Management, Social Media Moderation, and Media Buying to ensure that creative ideas are effectively applied and communicated across various platforms.

In the Unit of Concept, our Art Direction and Creative Direction services focus on shaping the overall visual aesthetic and narrative strategy. These elements play a crucial role in setting the tone for impactful storytelling.

FOURSEE's expertise in Branding extends to diverse projects, including developing brand strategy, story and background, identities, creating brand collateral, and ensuring a consistent brand image across various touchpoints.

In the Unit of Creativity, FOURSEE specializes in Content Creation across various mediums, including digital and print. We excel in crafting engaging content, including but not limited to text, visuals, and multimedia.

Absolutely, businesses can leverage FOURSEE's Social Media Management services to enhance their online presence, engage audiences, and create a compelling brand narrative on social platforms.

FOURSEE's expertise in Media Buying is crucial for strategically placing creative content. This service ensures that brands reach their target audience effectively, maximizing visibility and impact.

FOURSEE and Athear operate in tandem to weave a cohesive brand story. FOURSEE takes charge of all creative elements, specializing in design, content creation, and creative direction. Simultaneously, Athear handles the operational side, managing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Customer Experience Outsourcing (CXO). Together, they form a strategic partnership, ensuring that every aspect of the brand narrative, from creative expression to operational excellence, aligns seamlessly to tell one compelling story.